What happens during a permablitz?

A permablitz begins with introductions, an explanation of the garden design and the ideas behind it.  Volunteer leaders show you what to do and everyone works together in teams to complete project tasks.

Blitz days often start with things like creating paths, swales &  ponds or making vegetable beds with “no-dig” methods.

Once the structure of a garden is created, planting is often done. Seedlings, fruiting shrubs & trees are put in. Prunings are often composted on site too.


After lunch there are usually a  couple of short workshops on topics to do with gardening and sustainable living such as growing from seed, composting, keeping chickens, understanding soil, companion planting, making compost teas or worm farming.

It is the hosts’ role to feed everybody lunch on the day. You can bring something if you would like to share, but you don’t have to.

By the end, quite a transformation should have taken place!  You’ll hopefully go home brimming with ideas, having had a taste of permaculture design, having learnt some useful skills, made some new friends and having made a positive change in someone else’s garden!


Blitzing Taranaki backyards, one garden at a time!

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